Clinton Has Worked With 750+ Suppliers And Counting

Making Him The Most Well-Versed Buyer Within Manufacturing and MRO.

Strategic Sourcing 100%
Program Management 95%
Cost Reductions 93%

Need More Strategic Planning Within Your Purchasing Department? I can provide the strategic leadership to your team.

Hello, my name is Clinton Lockhart. My #1 priority is supporting the company. I believe in getting the company the highest quality parts and services and the most competitive pricing.

I truly care about business growth, which is why I’m passionate about creating strategic alliances with my suppliers. Let’s talk about sourcing together.

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Steel (tons)
Brackets and Forgings (millions)
Electrical Switches (million)
Natural Gas (DekaTherms)

I’ve Purchased Many Types Of Commodities: LCD Screens, Complicated Metal Stampings, MRO & Utilities

Look at all the diversification in purchasing power.

MRO & Utilities

LCD’s and Electrical

Brackets and Forgings

Complicated Assemblies

These Are Just A Few Main Purchasing Commodities. There Are Plenty More Skills!

  • Purchasing

  • Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Purchasing Processes

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Global Sourcing

  • Program Management

  • Project Management

  • Cost Savings

  • Cost Teardowns

  • Continuous Improvement

Clinton’s Email
Call Clinton (248)302-3756

Key Performance Indicators:

Many organizations are faced with making a rushed sourcing decision. Let’s take the time to keep to our KPI’s.

Pricing 90%
Delivery 97%
Quality 99%

Educational Background

It took me some time to finish school, but eventually I got through. Below are some of the Universities which I attended before finally graduating with my Masters from Purdue University.

University of Cincinnati

Purdue University

University of Michigan

Stanford University

Recommendations From Other Professionals:

Clinton was very helpful in making sure parts were contracted on time and changes were negotiated to competitive price levels.
Nick, Program Manager
Clinton is extremely hard working and moves toward the goal. He thinks outside the box.
Shane, Purchasing Manager
Clinton has a drive for results and respect for colleagues and suppliers. His energy is an asset to any company.
Chris, Director of Engineering

Call me and let’s chat about how I can help bolster your purchasing department!

Clinton’s Email
Call Clinton (248)302-3756